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1. The site makes no guarantees regarding its functioning and the reliability of the information provided. The information posted on the Site is purely indicative and indicative in nature and is neither a binding document, nor a guarantee, nor a public offer, nor any other offer or promise.

2. The site is not responsible for the content of advertising materials.

3. A user or visitor to the Site (hereinafter referred to as the User), posting information on it or sending information for posting on the Site, undertakes to:

- Post or send to post reliable information,

- do not use the data of third parties (or non-public information about them) without their consent,

- do not change (or delete) any materials on the Site, including those posted by other users,

- not to make unauthorized penetration into any components of the Site (or change them),

- Do not post or allow information to be posted on the Site that contradicts the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

4. The site prohibits its right to change and delete any information posted on it, including comments and reviews, modified visits.

5. The site reserves the right not to publish submitted information for posting on the Site.

6. Managing the placement and use of information by the user on the Site means his consent to determine the location of these actions (storage, processing, editing, deletion, etc.) necessary for effective changes to the Site.

7. All responsibility for posting information on the Site lies with the user who posted this information or sent it for posting on the Site.

8. To resolve issues related to the use of the Site, you can contact the administration by email at.

9. The site undertakes not to contact third parties with contact information of users not listed for public access, unless these Rules and laws are violated.

10. The time of posting of any information published on the Site may limit the relevance of this information, as well as the lifespan of the corresponding sections of the sites where information is actively posted.

11. The Site reserves the right to delete any information, data, files posted by visitors or sent for posting on the Site.

12. The site is not responsible for the outcome of information, access to it due to malfunctions of equipment and software, or unauthorized access (hacking) to the Site by a third party.

13. The site may use the data provided on the Site to contact the user and send him information messages.

14. The User’s actions must not violate the rights of citizens and other users of the Site, including the right to privacy, personal and family secrets, honor, dignity and good name. In particular, the User does not expect to collect, systematize, store or distribute any information posted by other users of the Site, and also provides a third opportunity for a person to perform the specified actions with access to the Site granted to the User.

15. The user agrees that the placement on the Site of information accessible to other users, both directly on the Site and through the transfer of various technical means with reference to the original source (social networks, RSS, etc.), to the extent , in which the User left information on the Site.

16. The site prohibits this right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the data (Rules) at any time.

17. If you do not agree with the data provided to access the Site, you cannot use the functionality of the Site and view its pages, you should disable the Site.