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The story of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the most beloved wizards for children and adults. He is easily recognized by his handsome red suit, bushy white beard and large bag of gifts.

Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve and gives gifts. The story goes that he arrives on a sleigh pulled by reindeer and comes down the chimney to place gifts under the tree or next to the socks hanging on the fireplace.

Many people write letters to him and tell him what they would like to receive. Santa is fair, so he looks at how a person behaved all year. But he will not leave anyone without a gift, he is so very kind and generous.

Write wishes to Santa Claus and may all your dreams come true!

20 interesting facts about Santa Claus

Santa Claus on a sleigh

    Santa Claus is the symbol of Christmas and is very popular all over the world. But how many facts about him do you really know? Pluswishes.com shares with you 20 interesting facts about Santa Claus that may surprise you and allow you to look at him from a new perspective.
  • Santa Claus has more than 100 names around the world.
  • The most famous house of Santa Claus is located in Lapland, Finland. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit it.
  • Santa Claus has his own workshop in his house where he makes gifts.
  • Santa Claus is helped by elves. They make and wrap gifts.
  • Santa Claus accepts letters from children all over the world! Most often they are advised to be sent to Santa Claus, Santa Claus's Main Post Office, 96930 Napapiiri, Finland.
  • Santa Claus has a wife - Mrs. Santa Claus. She helps him read letters and prepare gifts.
  • Santa Claus is the fastest traveler - he visits more than 200 million homes in one night!
  • Santa Claus rides and flies on a fast sleigh. His sleigh is pulled by reindeer.
  • Santa has 9 reindeer in total: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, and the most famous one is Rudolph with a bright red nose.
  • In some countries, Santa Claus comes with a helper or assistant.
  • .Santa Claus is considered a symbol of goodness, joy and generosity, as well as the patron saint of children and protector of their interests.
  • Santa Claus usually comes on the night of December 24-25 to leave gifts for children.
  • In many countries, Santa Claus leaves gifts in a stocking or under the tree.
  • Santa Claus loves to enjoy the cookies and milk that children leave for him
  • Santa Claus is one of the most popular characters in Christmas films.
  • There are cities in North America named Santa Claus.
  • In his free time, Santa Claus enjoys reading books and sharing his knowledge with children from all over the world.
  • Santa Claus was first mentioned in 1823 by the poet Clement Clarke Moore in a children's poem.
  • The first image of Santa Claus in costume appeared in Harper's Weekly magazine in 1863. He was depicted by the famous American artist Thomas Nast
  • There is a special website that monitors the movements of Santa Claus

How old is Santa Claus?

It is impossible to accurately determine his age. But it is known that he lives for more than one thousand years. As told in fairy tales and legends, Santa Claus does not age, so his age does not matter. It symbolizes the spirit of Christmas, and its presence is associated with magic and eternal goodness.

Who are the elves who help Santa Claus?

Santas Christmas elves

His cheerful assistants help Santa Claus cope with many good deeds. Who are they?

Santa's workshop is staffed by Christmas elves who help write and send letters and make and wrap gifts. They are famous for their hard work and magical abilities.

They look like small, pointy-eared people dressed in green and red outfits. They have green caps on their heads and boots with curved toes on their feet.

Santa's helpers use their magical feathers to write personalized messages, mentioning children's names, achievements, dreams and wishes. This makes letters especially meaningful and prestigious for every child, giving them a belief in magic and miracles.

For Santa's elves and other helpers, there is nothing more exciting and inspiring than creating and sending magical letters to children around the world. This gives them the opportunity to bring joy and smiles to the children’s faces, as well as support for their belief in goodness and miracles.

Every letter they send is filled with love, care and magic that they want to give to each child. It is a great honor and responsibility for them, but it brings incredible joy and sorrow that they can bring joy to the lives of children.

Santa's helpers and their magical messages to children will play a major role in creating a magical atmosphere for the Christmas holidays and unforgettable memories for children. Their message is to bring imagination, imagination and a belief in goodness into the hearts of children, which has a positive impact on their emotional and psychological well-being.

What does Santa Claus's house look like?

Santas Claus house

Santa Claus's house is a colorful and cozy wooden building located at the North Pole. The house is surrounded by a dense forest covered with snow.

The facade of the house is decorated with holiday lights, garlands and Christmas tree decorations. On the roof you can see a beautiful chimney.

There is always a festive atmosphere around Santa Claus's house. The air is filled with the smell of sweets and cocoa.

Santa Claus's house is a place where children's dreams come true and where everyone can feel the magic of Christmas.

What is a Santa Claus tracker?

The movements of Santa Claus have been monitored since 1955. Then the entertaining Christmas program NORAD Tracks Santa was created for this purpose.

Now, in order to track where Santa Claus has already been and how many gifts he has given out, you can use the Santa Claus Tracker. It is available at link.